Dr. Paul Dennis

Do Outstanding Athletes have a Unique Mindset?

Your successes in life relate directly to your mindset. Hockey is no different. In this blog, learn from "The Great One" who influenced...

Keys to Good Body Language

Learn the keys to keeping your body language positive not matter what the game situation

What Makes a Great Hockey Player?

Being a great player takes more than just skill. In this video, Dr. Paul talks about the three things that make up a great hockey player.

If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

During the most difficult and challenging times for athletes, the thought of quitting might occur. But it's rare the negatives ever...

Playing With Confidence

It would be convenient if confidence was enduring, but it’s not.

How to Handle Pressure Situations

Dr. Paul talks about how to deal with pressure situations by controlling our thoughts.

Controlling Thoughts and Emotions

The Power of Music

Music is a powerful motivator. What is your pre-game tune?

Mental Toughness

Confidence, perservering and confidence are some of the many qualities of mental toughness.

Confident vs. Cocky

Confidence is the belief that you have in your ability as it relates to playing hockey. Broadcasting that belief to others makes you...

Is There a Short Cut to Winning?

What happens when players take short cuts in their training sessions and in game situations?

Why You Should Never Give Up

Athletes that face profound disappointment and persevere towards their goal are role models for what mental toughness and dedication are...