About Us

The NHLPA All-Canadians Mentorship Program was created by the National Hockey League Players’ Association in 2010. The program is a platform for NHL Players to give back to their roots by sharing their experiences, skills, and insights with the next generation of young hockey players, parents, and coaches.

Whether you play hockey competitively or for fun with friends, the skills associated with the sport at any level can teach you important life lessons off the ice. A complete hockey program can teach you how to eat well, keep your body healthy, and develop proper coordination and athletic ability through skills training. It can also teach important mental skills such as: handling pressure situations, dealing with success and failure, dealing with criticism and praise, leadership, how to be part of a team, and of course, creating lasting friendships.

AllCanadians.com has a wide variety of information for people of all ages and abilities: from house league players who are wondering how tight their skates should be tied, to elite players who are looking to get the latest competitive edge from NHLPA members and industry experts.

Whatever your situation may be, hockey has likely already had a positive impact on you as a person. As a matter of fact, for every NHL player there are thousands of Canadians who are doctors, lawyers, teachers, and others from all walks of life who have learned valuable life lessons by participating in hockey. The goal of this program is to maximize your enjoyment and potential while you play this great Canadian game. We want to help YOU develop into an “All-Canadian” — at any hockey level!